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Canned Seafood

Below is our selection of canned seafood. At Bell Buoy of Seaside, we do all canning ourselves with only the freshest ingredients, so you know you're getting the best. Click any item for more information, or simply fill out the quantity you want and click 'Add to Basket' at the bottom of the screen.

 NamePricePrice per 12Price per 24Quantity Desired
Smoked Chinook Salmon
7.0 oz
$12.95 per can$154.00$304.00
Smoked Albacore Tuna
7 oz. can
$8.95 per can$106.00$210.00
Albacore Tuna (Elegant Style) Award Winning!!
7.5 oz Chosen 1st place at 2005 Micro-Canners Conference, out of 23 entries from the Pacific coast!!
$7.00 per can$83.50$166.00
Low Salt Elegant Albacore Tuna
7.5 oz. 1/2 the salt of our reg tuna
$7.00 per can$83.50$166.00
Smoked Silver Salmon
7.0 oz
$8.45 per can$99.60$198.00
Smoked Sturgeon
7.0 oz
$19.95 per can$236.00N/A
Oregon Dungeness Crabmeat
6.0 oz
$16.95 per can$200.00N/A
Tiny Pacific Shrimpmeat
4.25 oz
$5.50 per can$64.80$127.20
Razor Clam Chowder Base
19.0 oz
$9.95 per can$117.00N/A
Whole Dressed Razor Clams
20.0 oz
$20.95 per can$250.00N/A
Minced Razor Clams
7.0 oz
$6.95 per can$81.00N/A
Chinook Salmon
7.75 oz
$9.95 per can$118.00$234.00
Silver Salmon
$7.95 per can$94.00$186.00
Crab meat in shelf stable cans
$16.95 per can$200.00N/A
Salt Free Elegant Albacore Tuna
No salt Elegant Albacore tuna 7.5 oz.
$7.00 per item$83.50$166.00

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