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Fresh Seafood

Below is our selection of fresh seafood. We buy our fish right off the boats, picking only the best. Click any item for more information, or simply fill out the quantity you want and click 'Add to Basket' at the bottom of the screen.

 NamePriceQuantity Desired
Oregon Cocktail Shrimp
Great on a salad
$8.99 per lb
Dungeness Crabmeat
$39.99 per lb
Oysters in shell
per dozen From Willapa Bay. These are a smaller to medium size oyster. Please call ahead for these 1-800-529=2722
$10.00 per item
Manila Clams ( Steamers)
Sold by the lb.
$7.00 per lb
Smoked Sturgeon
Smoked on site
$33.00 per lb
Peppered Smoked Salmon
Smoked on site
$25.00 per lb
Smoke Chinook Salmon
#1 seller
$25.00 per lb
Smoked Oysters
Smoked on-site
$30.00 per lb
Smoked Tuna
$20.00 per lb
Smoked Peppered Salmon Strips
Columbia River Chinook
$20.00 per lb
Smoked Salmon strips
Reg. or Teriyaki
$20.00 per lb
Dungeness Crab
Perfect for special friends , or a special dinner!
$16.00 per item
Seaside Razor Clams
Fresh or frozen cleaned Razor clams Oct thru July 15th...
$22.00 per lb

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